Welcome to the South Mississippi AIDS Task Force

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SMATF’s mission is to educate the public about the prevention and transmission of HIV/AIDS while providing services to those affected. Our goals are:

Educate the PublicHIV/AIDS AdvocateWork with AgenciesProvide Information
We provide education for the public in an effort to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS, to encourage voluntary modification of behaviors which place individuals at increased risk of infection with the HIV/AIDS, and to reduce irrational fear and stigmatization of persons living with HIV/AIDS.
SMATF advocates for or directly provide necessary services to those affected by HIV/AIDS including but not limited to social, health, counseling, referral, and housing services.
We collaborate with various agencies working to provide HIV/AIDS education and services.
SMATF provides a forum for the exchange of HIV/AIDS information, educational materials and other resources.